A picture of me at Venice Beach in LA at sunset

About me

I’m a second-year PhD student in Information Science at Cornell University, where I’m advised by Matthew Wilkens. My research stands at the intersection of Natural Language Processing, Computational Social Science and Cultural Analytics.

I study social and cultural issues of contemporary relevance combining computational techniques with qualitative methods. Recently, I’ve investigated patient needs and support patterns in endometriosis communities on Reddit with Rosamond Thalken. In addition, I’m collaborating with Marilyn Migiel and Giulia Andreoni, to identify the “Unknown Male Author” in Veronica Franco’s poetry collection Terze rime leveraging stylometry.

Prior to joining Cornell, I’ve worked as a Research Assistant at the University of Bologna, Italy, with Angelo Di Iorio, Silvio Peroni, and Francesco Poggi. There, I examined the availability of open access bibliographic data for Italian publications across fields (published in QSS), and whether bibliometrics extracted from open access dataset can provide insights on the evaluation of academic researchers (forthcoming in Scientometrics).

I received a Master’s degree in Modern, Post-colonial and Comparative Literature at the University of Bologna, Italy, with a thesis on computational approaches to model urban space in science fiction literature. This work resulted in a publication on The Journal of Cultural Analytics.